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ReResearch Topics for the Issue:

The triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) approach to CSR emphasizes a company’s commitment to operating in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner. The emerging concept of CSR advocates moving away from a ‘shareholder alone’ focus to a ‘multi-stakeholder’ focus. This would include investors, employees, business partners, customers, regulators, supply chain, local communities, the environment and society at large. The key components of research topics would therefore include the following:

• Corporate Governance: Disclosures, role of Board and CEO, Executive Compensation, Conflict of Interests, Accountability and Transparency, Limits to CSR and Economic Growth, Corporate Reputation, Corporate Citizenship, Code of Conduct.

• Workplace and labour relations: Responsibility in the context of employees, Customers, Supply chain and Community, Ethical Behaviour and Whistle blowing.

• Environment: Sustainability and growth.

• Community: Multi-sector partnership and Collaboration, Socially Responsible Initiatives, Leadership and Community Engagement Models.

• Issues relating to inclusive growth: The Key Issues to Focus on:

  1. India on the Growth Turnpike: The Full Circle
  2. Sustaining High Growth
  3. Transparency in Macroeconomic Policy
  4. Stabilizing the Indian Business Cycle
  5. Inclusive Growth for Creating an Equitable Society
  6. India’s Management Education Challenges
  7. Building Rural Infrastructure through Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  8. Micro-credit as a strategy towards poverty alleviation and inclusive economic growth

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Editor-In Chief

Professor Ananda Das Gupta, Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bangalore